Consumer group calls for victims of push payment scams to be refunded

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15 Dec 2022

Consumer group Which? has called for victims of push payment scams to be fully refunded by their banks.

Push payment scams involve individuals being tricked into transferring money to criminals pretending to be from their bank, the police or an official body.

Which? said that current rules mean that some victims are compensated but others are not. It stated that compensation should be mandatory, and ministers have pushed for changes to the law to ensure that victims are always refunded.

'Our research shows that people can fall victim even when they are aware of the danger of scams and doing their best to protect themselves,' said Rocio Concha, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Which?.

'The devastating emotional and financial consequences are often compounded as victims realise they face a lottery when it comes to getting their money back, with some banks trying to blame them for their ordeal.'