Workers must be protected from decisions made by AI, TUC says

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21 Apr 2023

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has stated that UK employees must be protected from workplace decisions made by artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

The TUC warned that, in some instances, AI technology is making 'life-changing' decisions, including those in relation to line managing and hiring.

AI systems are being used to analyse the facial expressions and tone of voice of job applicants during recruitment processes. The TUC said that this could lead to 'greater discrimination at work'.

It also suggested that AI technologies could be used by employers to track their employees' performances, and make automated decisions to help to dismiss employees.

Responding to the findings, a government spokesperson said: 'AI is set to drive growth and create new highly-paid jobs throughout the UK, while allowing us to carry out our existing jobs more efficiently and safely.

'That is why we are working with businesses and regulators to ensure AI is used safely and responsibility in business settings.'