Firms stick to four-day week after trial ends

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27 Feb 2023

Following the world's biggest trial of a four-day working week, most of the companies involved say they would continue offering a shorter week.

A total of 61 companies across several sectors in the UK were involved in the pilot, which ran for six months from June last year.

Employers had to make sure there was no reduction in wages for employees who took part in trialling a 32-hour week. At least 56 out of the 61 firms which took part said they plan to continue with the four-day working week.

A report assessing its impact has found it had 'extensive benefits', particularly for employees' well-being.

Environmental consultancy Tyler Grange is one of the companies making the change permanent.

Simon Ursell, Managing Director at Tyler Grange, said: 'Fundamentally, if you give people this incredible incentive of a whole day of their time a week, they are going to work really hard to make it work.'