CMA launches review into AI foundation models

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05 May 2023

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has initiated a review into competition and consumer protection considerations in regard to the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) foundation models.

The CMA said that although AI foundation models, which include large language models, have the potential to transform much of what people and businesses do, their benefits must be available to everyone and 'ensure that no single business dominates' through their usage.

The review will examine how the competitive markets for foundation models and their use could evolve; explore what opportunities and risks these scenarios could bring for competition and consumer protection; and produce guiding principles to support competition and protect consumers as AI foundation models develop.

Commenting on the review, Sarah Cardell, Chief Executive of the CMA, said: 'AI has burst into the public consciousness over the past few months but has been on our radar for some time.

'It's crucial that the potential benefits of this transformative technology are readily accessible to UK businesses and consumers while people remain protected from issues like false or misleading information. Our goal is to help this new, rapidly scaling technology develop in ways that ensure open, competitive markets and effective consumer protection.'