Action needed to help firms 'navigate digital future'

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06 Jun 2024

Clear action is needed to help UK businesses 'navigate their digital futures', the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has warned.

In its new Digital Revolution report, the BCC has outlined a framework to 'create a dynamic, connected and secure future' for firms.

Its recommendations include appointing an AI champion for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); exploring social tariffs for lower income areas; strengthening the wireless network infrastructure; and working with the insurance industry to create a reinsurance pool that underwrites cyber risk for business.

Martha Lane Fox, President of the BCC and Chair of the Business Council, said: 'The pace of technological change is speeding up, not slowing down. That's a fantastic opportunity for business.

'Our report calls on the next government to put energy into the further modernisation and digitisation of the UK. Not just for the few but for everyone. 

'We need rocket boosters under high-speed broadband rollout. A fast, reliable and affordable connection is now fundamental for every company. They also need support to deal with cyber security which is both a daunting prospect and a pressing risk for companies.'