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Tax Planning

We offer a comprehensive advisory service across the whole spectrum of taxation. Our aim is to ensure that you take full advantage of the reliefs and allowances available to you, and to help you to minimise your tax burden.

Income Tax

Are you required to complete a Self Assessment return? If so, why leave it to H M Revenue & Customs to tell you what your liability is? We can complete your return, file it online and deal with any resulting administration, from as little as 75.

We will forward to you a simple questionanaire which will enable us to assess the complexity of your affairs, and provide you with a fixed fee quote for filing your return.

Trading through a company?

If you trade through a company in which you have a significant shareholding, are you sure you are extracting profits in the most tax-efficient manner? Do you have the right mix of salary, dividends and benefits-in-kind? Let us undertake a review for you, free of charge.

Value Added Tax

Despite its apparent simplicity, VAT is one of the most complex areas of tax legislation. VAT on property, for instance, is nothing short of a minefield, and if you are contemplating transactions in land or property, then you need to seek professional advice at the earliest possible opportunity to avoid the pitfalls.

We can help with all areas of VAT, particularly if your trade or profession is of a specialised nature e.g. if you export your goods or services or your turnover is subject to the partial exemption rules.

Capital Gains Tax

This tax has been the subject of many changes over the years. If planned for carefully, it can be the one tax with the least impact on the proceeds from the sale of your assets.

For those planning the sale of personal assets, or perhaps a family business, it is important to ensure that the ownership is structured correctly and that the timing of the disposal is optimised.

We can advise on all aspects of Capital Gains Tax to ensure you enjoy the maximum possible from the proceeds of the sale of your assets.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Are you confident that on your death, your estate will be preserved for your family? With an Inheritance Tax rate of 40%, and without adequate planning, families are often left distraught, forced to sell homes and treasured family possessions to meet the liability.

Are you aware of the simple measures that can mitigate the liability? Did you know there are some very simple yet little-used reliefs that can make a significant impact on this very unpopular tax?

Let us review your estate, free of charge, to see if we can give you some advice for a robust planning strategy.

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